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The standard types of construction are of screen protected drip proof horizontal foot mounting with good ventilation and enough space for easy access to brush gear. The frames with yoke are fabricated out of special alloy steel with good magnetic properties to retain sufficient magnetism for self excited types of operation. The pole pieces are of laminated silicon steel for high magnetic induction at low magnetizing forces. The inter-poles are of solid steel alloy and they are designed for effective commutation throughout the operating range. The Commutators are of robust construction with good quality hard drawn electrolytic copper for minimum wear and good conductivity. The brushes are of pure carbon to withstand rated current and good contact for minimum wear and spark free operation. The armature is fabricated out of laminated silicon steel.

The winding’s are of super enameled copper wire well impregnated in good quality insulating varnish suitable for operation in climate conditions with normal humidity. Standard ball bearings with enough housing to retain sufficient amount of grease are provided for good lubrication and smooth friction free operation.

All the DC Machines are tested at our works for their performance and commutation before dispatch. All the machines are vibration free with low noise level.

Brake loading arrangements are provided for both AC and DC Motors made of channel
iron base frame, angle frame with screw rods, hand wheels and quality dial type spring balances. The above arrangements will be vibration free.