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Portable Meters ( DC and AC Meters, Watt meters, Power Factor Meters)

  • These are moving coil DC, moving coil rectifier type AC, Moving iron AC ammeters & voltmeters which are suitable for use in laboratories. Specially designed to be operated in horizontal position. Robust housing.
  • These instruments have high resistance to shock & vibrations.

Auto Transformers (1 Phase and 3 Phase)

  • Simple, rugged construction.
  • Coils made from high grade CRGO Silicon Steel & 99.9% pure copper.
  • Output Voltage variation is smooth, continuous, breakless and linearly proportional to angular rotation.
  • High Efficiency.
  • Negligible waveform and power factor distortion.
  • Excellent short time overload capacity.
  • Wide range of current ratings.
  • High quality carbon brush used for current collection.

Tacho Meters ( Digital and Analogue Type)

  • Imported Analogue tachometers and Indigenous Digital tachometers (Contact and Non- Contact Type).

Energy Meter ( 1 Phase and 3 Phase)

  • Single and Three phase analogue energy meters with educational type terminal boards.