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Our Company was established in the year 1971 by Mr. G.Durairaju a graduate in electrical engineering through PSG College of Technology. Coimbatore in the year 1958. Since graduation he was employed in PSG College of Technology as lecturer in Electrical Engineering and Electrical engineer in PSG Industrial Institute, manufacturing Electrical Machines, Pumps, Hydraulic Machines and Machine Tools. During the tenure he was engaged in Design Development and Manufacture of various types of Electrical Machines for nearly 13 years till 1971.The Proprietor was a member of industrial motors subcommittee of Bureau of Indian Standards.


The Company is managed by highly qualified professional under the guidance of Mr.G.Durairaju,B.E. Our company R & D Department is committed to continuous development of new products and upgrading the quality of existing products.


The Company has fullfledged testing facility meeting the international standards. All the tests required by the customers are conducted to their satisfaction.


For technical institutions, various tests in different types of machines are conducted in the presence of faculty members. If required they can conduct the tests by themselves.


We are maintaining the high quality as required by any standards specified by the customers. We have supplied our machines to a number of Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics, and Research Institutions throughout India. We provide good after sales service to the customers.

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